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Welcome To Mobile Homeology
Let’s face it: we all love our quality investments that yield great ROI.

Especially when it comes to real estate..

The greatest obstacle that usually obstructs your journey to a profitable real estate investment is lack of knowledge, being uninformed or feeling so overwhelmed with the entire process that you never get to taking that first step due to lack of experience.


Mobile Home Investor
Mobile Home Park Property Manager
Real Estate Broker
Prior to learning to invest in mobile homes, Stephanie was a girl from the Bronx, New York with not a clue in the world about real estate and definitely nothing at all about mobile homes or mobile home parks. Had not even see one prior to moving to North Carolina. She was just looking for a way to stop living paycheck to paycheck
I will support you with investing in mobile homes and mobile home parks enabling you to obtain your financial goals.

As a single mother, I know the struggles of paying the bills on a monthly basis as well as making sure I could keep food on table.

Trust me, I know how overwhelming learning a new skill can be. But after deciding to start my business, I taken the strategies I have learned, and the lessons learned from my mistakes and applied them to my own business.

In my first year of investing in mobile homes, I purchased, moved, set up and sold four homes and have since purchased and sold multiple mobile homes and mobile home parks. Now it is time for me to support you with doing the same.


I reached out to Stephanie McAnuff to ask for advice on a situation involving acquiring my first Manufactured home and after describing the situation to her in an email she requested that we talk over the phone instead. With me being new to the industry she was incredibly kind, patient, and honest in educating me and how to proceed in my situation.

With no obligation to me, she gave me counsel and her personal experience on how to proceed with my investing. I am excited to work with Stephanie McAnuff in the future as she has my trust!

-Carl Almanza

My friend and I are new to investing in Manufactured homes. We reached out to Ms. McAnuff for some simple advice on a Manufactured home opportunity we had come across. Before we knew it, she was on the phone talking to us about it. Not only was she an absolute blast to speak with, but she helped my friend and I to completely change our strategy upon approaching this opportunity.

-Justin Neil

I have known Ms. Stephanie McAnuff for the last seven years. During that time, I have found Ms. McAnuff to be an honest and thoroughly knowledgeable expert in the field of mobile home park sales and operations.

 Based in Charlotte, Ms. McAnuff is able to originate and complete park management and sale transactions in Georgia, Tennessee, North & South Carolina.

Anyone seeking competent representation in field of mobile home parks would be wise to seek the services of Ms. Stephanie McAnuff.
Sincerely yours,

Bill Bean
-Mobile Home Park Specialist
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