Why Invest in Mobile Homes


Every mobile home park real estate portfolio began with a dream.

At McAnuff Group we specialize in providing professional a la carte brokerage services giving freedom of choice for all levels of investors, owners, and depth of needs.

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Let’s face it: we all love our quality investments that yield great ROI. Especially when it comes to real estate..

The greatest obstacle that usually obstructs your journey to a profitable real estate investment is lack of knowledge, being uninformed or feeling so overwhelmed with the entire process that you never get to taking that first step due to lack of experience.

Whether it’s an apartment, a house or any other form of rental property, any real estate investment is a great choice... However, did you know that there is another form of housing that you can invest in right this moment that requires a significantly lower financial entry point while delivering quicker returns?

Oh, and the type of real estate investment that you can do full time, part-time or as little or as much as you want while still achieving decent cash-flow?

When you think of Real Estate Investing, Mobile Homes may be the last thing on your mind.
They offer tremendous advantages that you can’t find anywhere else, though.

This is exactly the reason why a growing number of investors have mobile homes in their investment portfolio. In fact, certain investors exclusively make Mobile Home Investments or Mobile Home Parks to create passive income streams that are impeccably consistent.

Investing in Mobile Homes is vastly different from standard apartments or houses investments, which usually leads to confusion due to lack of education on the subject. This is exactly why you have possibly not even heard of Mobile Home Investing before.

Stephanie McAnuff, a real estate broker and investor focused on cash flowing mobile homes and mobile home parks is here to show you exactly what you’re missing out on by not being informed on Mobile Home Investing and its perks.

Stephanie commits to filling the void of education on Mobile Home Investing by providing you with services that deliver everything you could possibly need in order to get started in this overlooked, highly profitable niche.

Don’t let the lack of experience prevent you! Whether you have little knowledge related to investing in mobile homes or you aren’t sure what’s the best path to take – Stephanie’s Mobile Home Investing Membership Club and Course is tailor-made just for you.

It will take you every step of the way, A to Z, towards your final destination of profitable Mobile Home investments that yield consistent returns.

We have the exact formula you need to follow in order to make your mobile home investing venture profitable and successful. Just as our Brand motto says: There is a science to mobile investing, we have the formula.

Why not follow it to ensure the success of your next investment?

It’s 100% true that every single mobile home park real estate investment began with a DREAM.

Efficiently bridging the gap between the initial idea and profitable end-result is what Stephanie does best.

Whether it is professional a la carte brokerage services, a cost-effective alternative to traditional real estate companies, property selling & buying, consultation, or membership in our Mobile Home Investing Membership Club, the McAnuff Group specializes in providing quality solutions that make absolute freedom of choice possible for all levels of investors, owners, and individuals with all depths of needs.

When working with Stephanie Mcanuff and Mobile Homeology, you can be rest assured that you are working with a team of professionals that possess:

  • Three decades of combined commercial real estate expertise
  • ​Large firm resources with customized boutique customer service
  • ​McAnuff Model balanced valuation report!
  • ​Cost-effective alternative to traditional real estate companies

If you feel that it’s time to empower your Real Estate Investment Portfolio with an innovative type of investment that delivers numerous advantages, which include:

  • Less competition
  • ​Lower Taxes
  • ​Reduced Renovation Costs
  • ​Low financial entry point
  • ​Mobile homes are always in demand
  • ​Investing in mobile homes can expedite your Rental Portfolio
We all fully understand that not everyone has an aspiration to live in a standard apartment. Some individuals want a yard, but can’t afford a regular house.

This is exactly where mobile homes come into play to save the day - and benefit all parties involved!
A large % of Americans makes less than $20,000 per year. We tend to believe that people in low – income brackets deserve a beautiful, inviting and safe place to live.

This is exactly what Mobile Home Investing makes possible. A nice and affordable mobile home can impeccably serve the unique needs and requirements of everyone from low – income to high – income households and individuals.
So the real question is: with all these advantages, why isn’t everyone investing in mobile homes?
Because most investors today simply aren’t educated on how to invest in mobile homes and earn significant cash-flow with their investments.

At McAnuff Group we take care of this by guiding you through every step of the way, A to Z, on your journey from learning more about Mobile Home Investing to realizing your investment and collecting your income.

We Start with a Conversation

Each valuation starts with a casual but frank discussion about where things stand today. We’ll cover everything from pricing expectations to operating procedures and recent improvements. Remember: There are no wrong answers.

We Crunch Your Numbers

Next, Stephanie analyzes your books, recorded income and expenses, rents roll, and more in order to perform the valuation. The more information you can provide, the more thorough and accurate your valuation will be.

We Evaluate from A Buyer’s Perspective

Stephanie gets feedback from real buyers in your market, contact local contractors to estimate management and operating costs, review property photos, and more as we look for data that will support or challenge your pricing.

We Look Toward the Future

Finally, Stephanie looks at the pro forma and concentrates on what a new owner could do to maximize value. This includes running forecasts on future occupancy and income numbers and looking for undiscovered opportunities to add value.
Finally, Stephanie looks at the pro forma and concentrates on what a new owner could do to maximize value. This includes running forecasts on future occupancy and income numbers and looking for undiscovered opportunities to add value.